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Economic Recovery? Environmental, Economic and Social Consequences for Regional Development

How to Undermine Ideas of Green Growth: Case of Photovoltaic Electricity Production in the Czech Republic PDF
» Jan Vávra

Economic and Financial Views of Investments

Investment Activity and Labour Productivity of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Food Industry PDF
» Matina Novotná, Tomáš Volek, Jana Fučíková

Economics of Agriculture

The Intensity of Agriculture Production of Organic Farms PDF
» Radka Redlichová, Karel Vinohradský

Education in Accounting and Corporate Finance, Theory and Practice

A Survey Quality of Management Accounting in the Czech Companies PDF
» Miroslava Vlčková

Trade, Tourism and Marketing

International Road Cargo Transports Risks – The Czech Transporters’ Perspective PDF
» Viktor Vojtko, Lucie Tichá
The implementation of the mobile sales force automation PDF
» Dita Hommerová, Kateřina Vondrová
Fairtrade and its Application in the academic Sphere; the Case of the University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Economics PDF
» Jan Šalamoun, Hana Volfová