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Economic and Financial Views of Investments

Some Evidence on Continuing Integration in the European Union from the Perspective of Trade and Factor Mobility Measures: a Cluster Analysis Approach PDF
» Petr Rozmahel, Ladislava Issever Grochová, Luděk Kouba
For a Discussion of the Economic Recession: Does the Tax Revenue from Excise Taxes Change During Economic Recession? PDF
» Jarmila Rybová

Economics of Agriculture

The Intensity of Agriculture Production of Organic Farms PDF
» Radka Redlichová, Karel Vinohradský

Quantitative Methods in Economics

Identification of Successful Sellers in Online Auction PDF
» Ladislav Beránek, Václav Nýdl, Radim Remeš

Managerial Decision Making and Change Management

Functionality and Importance of Processes of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises PDF
» Vlasta Doležalová, Petr Řehoř