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Economic Recovery? Environmental, Economic and Social Consequences for Regional Development

Preferential Votes in Municipal Elections and the Possibility of their Analytical Use in the Study of Voting Behaviour PDF
» Sylvie Kotásková, Radek Kopřiva
Participation of Citizens in Public Life in Nové Hrady PDF
» Sylvie Kotásková, Renata Korcová

Economic and Financial Views of Investments

Some Evidence on Continuing Integration in the European Union from the Perspective of Trade and Factor Mobility Measures: a Cluster Analysis Approach PDF
» Petr Rozmahel, Ladislava Issever Grochová, Luděk Kouba
Financial Characteristics and Classification of Production Companies Grouped by Relevance of the Logistic Metric PDF
» Jaroslava Pražáková, Martin Pech, Petra Kosíková

Economics of Agriculture

Land Rent Development in the Period 2011 – 2013 PDF
» Radek Zdeněk, Jana Lososová, Daniel Kopta

Quantitative Methods in Economics

Generalization of the Notion of Point Elasticity for Functions of Multiple Variables PDF
» Miloš Kaňka
A Note on U-Statistics PDF
» Jana Klicnarová

Managerial Decision Making and Change Management

Institutionalized Values and Cultural Dimensions in Development of Societies PDF
» Růžena Krninská, Markéta Adamová