Financial Characteristics and Classification of Production Companies Grouped by Relevance of the Logistic Metric
Jaroslava Pražáková, Martin Pech, Petra Kosíková

Language: en
Last modified: 2015-04-07


The main aim of the paper is to present the classification of production companies created on the basis of the logistic metric. Companies are grouped into clusters by (with) relevance of the logistic metric dimensions. In the paper two of the most popular clustering techniques are presented in the framework of the data recovery approach (agglomerative hierarchical clustering and k-means for partitioning). The basic characteristics of explored companies are used for juxtaposition of the separated clusters. In results four clusters of production companies are presented: Cluster of up and down stream cooperation companies, Cluster with Companies focused on down-stream cooperation, Cluster with companies focused on reporting by indicators and Cluster of companies which consider indicators are not important. Results bring new questions and direction for further research on demonstration of the dependence between logistic indicators monitoring, information sharing and financial performance of the companies.


supply network; information flow; finance indicators; cluster analysis; logistic metrics

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