International Road Cargo Transports Risks – The Czech Transporters’ Perspective
Viktor Vojtko, Lucie Tichá

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Last modified: 2015-03-06


Cargo transport is one of the crucial parts of modern supply chains. It is possible to choose amongst different means of transport but the road transport is being chosen in majority of cases within continental Europe mainly due its speed, flexibility and reliability.

From the perspective of the Czech Republic as a heavily used transit country for such a road transport, further analysis of international cargo transport risks might be beneficial, both from the supply chain management and government regulation point of view.

This paper deals in detail with data collected from an online survey which was distributed to all ČESMAD BOHEMIA members’ email addresses during October and November 2013. The returned questionnaires are covering the whole range of cargo transport providers according to their size.

The questions were focused mainly on risk issues – types, causes and frequency of occurences of damages happened during transport, trends and experience with insurance companies, e.g. the proportion of damages paid.

The results may be used mainly for supply chain management risk management policies development and benchmarking between road cargo transport providers.


Transport; Road Cargo Transport; Supply chain; Risk Management; Transport Insurance

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