The Human Development Index in Global Context
Maria Ramona Sarbu

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Last modified: 2015-03-06


The Human Development Index (HDI) shows a global measurement that compares the progress of human development both temporally and spatially depending on three essential components – health, education and living standard. This index provides an overall evaluation of the progress made by countries and, in the context of sustainability, HDI delivers important information on one of the main prerequisites of sustainable development, which is ensuring human welfare on the long term. The purpose of the paper is to make an analysis of human capital development in Romania and to rank Romania within the general hierarchy and within the averages of both the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) countries and countries around the world. For this purpose, the Human Development Index (HDI) was used and analyzed. Data analysis shows that in recent years the HDI of Romania increased from year to year, reaching a HDI value of 0.785 in 2013, according to the Human Development Report 2014. Thus, Romania ranks 54th out of 187 countries worldwide and is categorized as a country with a high level of human development.


Human Development; HDI; Human Capital

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