Transport as a Key Factor of Competitiveness in Selected Regions
Filip Petrách, Jiří Alina

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Last modified: 2015-03-06


Due to worldwide economic crisis the flow of passengers and goods have dropped down significantly all around the world. Moreover it has caused and placed severe constraints for number of manufactures, transport operators and facilities. Besides this, we can observe consequences for the many workers in the transport sector. The transport sector has been suffering heavily as a result of the global economic crisis. Connection with other sectors, GDP at level of country and regions is obvious. With ailing global financial markets, several panelists noted that credit is lacking for maintenance and for the development of new infrastructure and equipment in all modes of transport. This paper focuses on the period in which they are captured all phases of economic growth in the time interval between years 2005 – 2012. The aim of this thesis is to analyze the dependencies between trends in economic development in the Czech Republic (with a focus on South Bohemia and South Moravia Region) and trends in the overall performance of the transport companies and the volume of goods transported within the region.


Road transport; Economic crisis region

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