Fairtrade and its Application in the academic Sphere; the Case of the University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Economics
Jan Šalamoun, Hana Volfová

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Last modified: 2015-03-06


Fair trade is a concept of social responsibility, which helps more than seven million people in Africa, Asia and Latin America to work and live in decent conditions. The University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Economics, engaged itself in support of the concept in 2010 and gained the status of being a “fairtrade faculty” in 2013.

This paper is a part of research activities in this field - the main goal is focused on  assessing consumers’ views on fairtrade coffee, and on defining the preliminary input data to be able to profile the typical fairtrade coffee consumer at the University of South Bohemia, as one of the long-term fairtrade activities.


Consumer; Fairtrade; coffee; marketing research; sustainable development

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