Economic Effects in Slovakia within Integration in the European Union
Amir Imeri, Zuzana Bajusova

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Last modified: 2015-04-07


The wide interest, application and membership of Slovakia in European Union enable to study the economic effects in general terms. In our study we are going to analyze the economic cooperation of Slovakia before and after membership in EU. We will discuss whether economic cooperation between Slovakia and EU members increased or decreased after EU membership. This article provides a comprehensive and contemporary comparative analysis of the economic performance, the economic structure and the trade relations between Slovakia and EU countries, allowing us to detect basic trends and developments. We will compare the economic performance of Slovakia and other EU members (including Czech Republic and Slovenia), looking at aggregate figures from integration in EU such as foreign trade, FDI, GDP and its structure, level of structural unemployment and employment, inflation and level of income.


EU membership; foreign trade; FDI; GDP; unemployment; inflation

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