Food and Nutrient Security: Model of Decision Making under Information Uncertainty
Renata Hrubá

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Last modified: 2015-04-07


Decision-making under uncertainty continues to be an active area for research, with political implications within the food industry, particularly in the EU. However, these attitudes and behavior patterns are not specific to the current situation. Following the integration of attitudes into a model, more rational decision-making has been increasingly used. The aim of this study was to survey: How attitudes toward food and nutrient security influence decision making under unclear information. A questionnaire collected data from 910 students in the Czech Republic. An ordered regression model was developed for ordinal dependencies as well as independent variables. The model used for this survey estimated the attitude spillover-effect on behavior under information uncertainty. It is evident from the survey that clear information and awareness of global issues related to food are needed. Changing human behavior is not about knowledge, but rather about the opportunity to make significant alterations in human thinking. This data may guide the critical issues concerning clear information on food origin within the Czech Republic for a project from the European Union.


Perceived uncertainty; Decision-making; Attitudes; Spillovers effect

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