The Intensity of Agriculture Production of Organic Farms
Radka Redlichová, Karel Vinohradský

Language: en
Last modified: 2015-03-06


The content of the contribution is aimed to the evaluation of agriculture production intensity of the organic farms comparing to the one under conventional system of production. The analysis has been done using the agriculture production evaluation indicators in relationship to the total costs modified by the evaluation of unpaid labour force. These indicators were assessed in relation to the harvested area (for one hectare of the agriculture land) and to the volume of production (for one production unit). Moreover, the differences in the organic and conventional farming are evaluated under the different agro-ecological conditions locations (LFA, non-LFA). The conclusions indicate, that the organic farming is less material and labour consuming than the conventional one when evaluated for one hectare, however, more input consuming for one unit of production. These facts should be taken into the consideration when the agrarian policy measures having impact on the future organic farming development will be defined.


organic agriculture; intensity of agriculture production; input productivity

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