The Aspects of Investments in the Food Industry
Josef Mezera, Roman Němec, Jindřich Špička

Language: en
Last modified: 2015-04-07


The aim of the paper is to compare gross investments into the food industry in the Czech Republic and neighbour states. After the crisis of the euro zone and economy of the European Union and during beginning of economic growth at the macroeconomic level in the Czech Republic has become the hot topic theme - investment activities. The investing relates of various sectors of the national economy, especially the key sectors. These include the food sector in the manufacturing industry. This will be also devoted this paper.  This is paper about foreign direct investments, but also about other ways of investment and public funding of the Czech food industry. The analysis showed that there should be massive current investments in the examined sectors. Therefore it is important to investment activity in this sector to support from public funds, and that of the European and national sources. The aim will be the application of modern technologies that will improve the industry in product quality, productivity, efficiency and thus competitiveness, not only of food producers, but the whole food chain.


investments; food sector; support; technology; competitiveness

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