Strategic Vision of Sustainable Tourism Development: Municipality of Strážný 2020
Petr Štumpf

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Last modified: 2015-04-07


Strážný is a small town, which is situated directly on the border between the Czech Republic and Germany. The image and the public perception of the town are strongly influenced by factors connected with negative sociopathological phenomena such as criminality or prostitution. On the other hand, Strážný is surrounded by unique landscape and nature of the National park Bohemian Forest (Šumava). The competitive advantage in terms of Strážný as a potential tourism destination, lies in the strategic position and good accessibility on the main road between South Bohemia and Lower Bavaria. It is necessary to plan the future development of the town as a sustainable tourism destination. The area of National Park Bohemian Forest is one of the most popular tourist region in the Czech Republic, but the town of Strážný is not a favourite place for visitors in this time. Due to this fact, and thereby also due to the lack of the data about visitors from the past, the Delphi technique was chosen as a method for forecasting the future of the town as a tourism destination to propose the strategic vision, mission statement and strategic objectives. This method helped to find a consensus among stakeholders in the town and to discover common aims of all participants of the future development of Strážný as a tourism destination.


tourism; local development; strategic vision; delphi method

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