Accounting, economic and ERP systems in the Czech Republic
Libuše Svobodová

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-11-18


Nowadays we are surrounded by information technology practically everywhere. With the entry of these technologies began automation of human activities, which aimed to facilitate these activities, speed up and above all effective. This gradual automation has reached the stage where most of us operate without computers and the Internet can hardly imagine. Information technology make the job easier every day. They allowing us to work more efficiently. Their major advantage is rapid access to information and its processing. In the first part of the paper are characterized accounting, economic and ERP systems and development in the field of accounting.
The second part contains a comparison of sold solutions and the number of installations of products that are available in the Czech Republic. Data will be drawn from the results of an investigation by the Center for analysis of information systems and websites SystemOnLine, which also issued a professional journal. Number of installation or market share may be important for entrepreneurs who decide to start a business and choose a new software or a change to another software.


ERP, Implementation, Software, Accounting

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