The impact of capital productivity on the growth competitiveness of small and medium enterprises in the food industry
Tomáš Volek, Martina Novotná, Miroslav Rauch

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-11-27


The article deal with the links between capital productivity and competitiveness of enterprises expressed by indicators of profitability. The main aim of this paper was to assess the impact of the capital productivity on growth competitiveness small and medium enterprises in the food industry. The source of data for macroeconomic analysis was EUROSTAT (National Accounts; 1995 – 2011). Another source of data for microeconomics analysis was the database of 652 firms from food industry. From the analysis, it was found that the food industry is one of the essential components of the manufacturing, but the importance of food industry is still decreasing. The next analysis was focused on the relationship between the capital productivity and indicators of business performance. The analysis was oriented to different size categories of enterprises. Analysis of enterprises data didn’t prove a linear correlation between indicators of capital productivity and indicators of profitability (Return on Equity and Return on Assets). This was found not only in small and medium enterprises, but also in other size categories of enterprises. The conclusion is that the capital productivity is not limiting factor in the food industry for increasing competitiveness of small and medium enterprises.


Capital productivity, Small and medium enterprises, Competitiveness, Food industry

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