Rural Development and Leader method for local action groups in the Czech Republic
Jiří Bečica

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-11-11


According to the Czech Statistical Office can be called rural undeveloped areas of open countryside and rural settlements, ie rural areas, agriculture and water bodies, forests, areas of local roads and other sites in this space. Original agricultural countryside function in relation to the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union, which the Czech Republic was adopted in 2004, gradually disappearing and being replaced by the more rural rehabilitation and development, maintenance of the environment and non-agricultural activities. Rural municipalities in the Czech Republic is very often faced with inadequate infrastructure, lack of public facilities and provision of services in the Municipalities. For finding options of effective solution for unwanted problems in the country it is necessary good knowledge of the conditions in the country, understanding to meaning, function of effects in the whole complex of activities realized by various subjects operating here. On the basis of this consciousness it is important initiate and develope effective cooperation of each participants and accomplish desirable goals of country development. The aim of this paper is therefore an effort to critical view of the countryside in the Czech Republic and financing its activities by the Leader Local Action Groups in the period 2008-2012.


Rural Development Programme, financial resources, Leader, Local action groups

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