The use of Cloud Computing in enterprises
Petra Marešová

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Last modified: 2013-11-01


Globalization is a phenomenon which is reflected in all spheres of social life. Information technologies have a key role in globalization. Thanks to them, the division of labor on a global scale, monitoring and use of comparative advantages ( for the raw materials, cheap labor sources , effective demand ) is passible in the territories,  that offer the best conditions . Significant growth is predicted for Cloud Computing technology in the future. Cloud Computing is a set of information and communication technologies in which IT resources are delivered in the form of services to external users via the Internet. The aim of the article is to describe the use of Cloud Computing in Czech companies and compare the use of cloud deployment model to other countries. Finally, the article is supplemented by selected information from the survey, which was carried out among 200 companies in the Czech Republic across all sectors CZ - NACE. Enterprises were asked about their knowledge of the Cloud Computing, experience of the use of this technology and about their interest in using cloud computing in the future.


Cloud Computing, company, research

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