Transfer of ownership and acquisition of property rights from unauthorized
Marta Uhlířová

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-10-29


The paper deals with a new provision of acquisition of ownership transfer that to a certain extent, moving away from the existing legislation, particularly with regard to the acquisition of title to chattels . In this context, explains some of the different concepts that brings new legislation . Further points to new treatment enshrined now in our legal system unknown , but solved the case, on the conclusion of contracts for the transfer of title to the same thing , and that more than one person  Finally, the article deals with the acquisition of property rights by unauthorized persons. This institute has not been solved in our legal systém yet, and in some ways to regulate it therein. The problem in the current situation is that although the new regulations come into force already in a relatively short period of time, i.e. from 1 January 2014 , there is still lack of relevant literature . It can thus not be based only on the explanatory memorandum. Unfortunately, in many cases, the applicable existing case law is unuseful either at all or only limited.


Property rights, movable property, immovable thing, the acquisition of property rights from unauthorized

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