History and Present of the Viticulture branch in the Czech Republic
Radka Šperková, Tomáš Ulbrich

Language: en
Last modified: 2013-11-11


The history of the winery is a very important factor contributing to current developments in the wine sector. Explai-ning when, how, in what conditions and in what environment the company was created, should contribute to a better understanding and gain experience that can be reflected even today. This article aims to chart the historical develo-pment of the wine sector in the Czech lands as a basis for identifying the impact of historical influences in the current development of the sector and propose general recommendations for businesses operating in the sector currently focused on the use of these factors. Based on the assessment of these factors, it is clear that the history should not be ignored between producers. This valuable information could help make production more efficient, and satisfy needs of customers.


viticulture branch, history, STEP analysis, the current situation in the branch

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