Economic and Environmental Limits of the growth - Energy Sector
Aleš Kainz

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-11-11


Economic limits of energy development and the economy as a complex and its efficiency is always closed to the environmental assessment of their impact on the environment together with a preview of the meaningful use of resources in the area and their impact on the socio- politico -economic aspects. The Czech Republic is from the perspective of a special unit , which combines the possibilities of using modern resources , relatively environmentally friendly , while the supply of a great volume of investments , development of jobs , the impact on the existing business of the business community of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs ) and thus the comprehensive and long-term development of the economy. The development of the economy and the environment will never be loved too much, and in most cases will go against each other. There are many examples existed, but they are unfortunately so far only on paper or is unable to bring to life, without a capital cushion to their rescue. The basic parameter of limits is any limits or targets, however, determine themselves, sometimes without the knowledge of continuity and a long-term availability. Frequently changing political representations doesn´t bring us much-needed peace and balance among politicians, economists and environmentalists and it sometimes leads to make decisions which lead to an imbalance between supply and ultimately lead to a deterioration of the economic and environmental symbiosis and the fulfilment of basic economic premise - the most economical utilization of allocated resources at minimum costs and creating of negative externalities.


Economic limits, Energy, Environment

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