The comparison of the innovation activities in the food industry
Eva Rusňáková, Jindřich Špička

Language: en
Last modified: 2013-10-31


The aim of the paper is to compare and identify the differences in the product and process innovations within the food industry in the four Central European countries. The international comparison of product and process innovation is based on the Community Innovation Surveys (CIS) carried out by Eurostat. The paper compares a level of the innovation activities in the Central Europe, i. e. in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia (V4 countries). The analysis reports the results for the reference period 2008 – 2010. The authors use comparison and description as the main methods. The results confirmed that innovation activities can have a positive effect on a business performance of food companies, as an average turnover per employee in innovative enterprises is higher than in non-innovative enterprises. Increasing range of goods and services, improving their quality and entering new markets or increasing market share were identified as the most important objectives for product and process innovations. Enterprises in the food industry mainly co-operate on innovations with other subjects within the micro environment except of the competitors.


food industry, product and process innovation, innovation activities, co-operation, public funding

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