Effect of Strategic Management to Performance Criteria Organization
Radomír Piszczur

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-10-29


This paper presents preliminary results of the original research titled: 'The Adaptability of Enterprises (SMEs) to the Current Economic Conditions in 2009-2011 ", which was conducted through a questionnaire survey in the spring of 2012 and was financed from the budget of the Silesian University in Opava. The research was conducted on a random basis on a sample of 593 organizations operating in the SME sector in the Czech Republic. The article describes the interdependence between strategic management and eterprise performance criteria of the organization (profit, sales, costs). The results demonstrate the positive impact of strategic management on the output  criteria of the organization. Problems and research results are discussed in the article, thematically complemented and compared with literature.


Strategic Management, Questionnaire Research, SME, Performance Criteria, Profit, Sales, Costs

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