Survey of seleced aspects of logistics processes in manufacturing companies
Stanislav Koutný

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-11-11


The paper presents results of a survey of May 2013 concerning certain aspects of the structure of logistics processes in industrial companies in South Bohemia and Pilsen Region in the Czech Republic. The survey questions were among others routing to determine the size of the company by employees, the existence of a separate central section of the logistics in enterprise and extent determined standards for logistics processes. Therefore it examines similarities and differences between production companies from there considerations. Contribution to the investigation of the samples thus refuted the argument that the existence of a separate central section of the logistics associated with company size by employees. The sample in question refuted for a given sample confirmed thesis that proposition of setting benchmarks for all logistics processes is present at a higher percentage rate for large companies than for small and medium businesses. The thesis, that a higher rate ratio of indicators for each of logistics processes corresponds to the higher percentage rate of ISO 9001 certification, was also refuted and for the given sample was confirmed.


logistics processes, KPI, central logistics, logistics of a manufacturing company

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