Evaluation of economy of farms according to LFA since 2000
Jana Lososová

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-11-11


The aim of this study is to assess the development of the results of agricultural enterprises and the factors influencing them. Development is evaluated using a database of agricultural enterprises in the Czech Republic since 2000, divided by the share of land included in the LFA. The intensity of production at constant prices of 2000 shows a slightly increasing trend. Change in the structure of agricultural production varies between LFA and NON LFA. The most noticeable change in the structure of production is significant long-term decline in the pig breeding and the increasing focus of enterprises in NON LFA on crop production. The development of profit leads to considerable fluctuations depending on the external conditions of farming. The growing dependence on subsidies is evident in all categories of enterprises. An important trend in the monitored period is the workforce reduction, up to 69% of workforce in 2000. Evaluation of the financial health of the company showed that enterprises farming in mountain LFA are best settled with changes in external economic conditions, i.e. with extensive farming and highly dependent on subsidies. On the contrary, most companies are threatened in other LFA, focused mainly on mixed crop and livestock production.


profit/loss, profitability, labor productivity, subsidies

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