Corporate culture in small and medium-sized enterprises
Marie Duspivová, Růžena Krninská

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-10-29


Every enterprise has its own specific and unique culture. If the corporate culture is set appropriately, it has a positive influence not only on the employees, but also on local and global environment of the enterprise and it contributes to the increase of efficiency, competitiveness and prosperity of the enterprise. The care about corporate culture becomes an important trend in today´s global society for these reasons.

The paper has been created within the project of the Grant Agency of the University of South Bohemia numbered GAJU 039/2013/S “Human resources management of small and medium-sized enterprises” and has been based on the data obtained during the preliminary research of this project and from cooperation with students.

This paper deals with selected aspects of corporate culture in small and medium-sized enterprises within the South Bohemia region. The main aim of this paper is identification, analysis and evaluation of selected dimensions of corporate culture in small and medium-sized enterprises and the determination of their importance for small and medium-sized enterprise management.


Corporate culture, Human resource management, Small and medium-sized enterprises

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