The efficiency of provision of the investment incentives
Zuzana Korytárová

Language: sk
Last modified: 2013-11-01


The requirement to solve the problems related to the economic recession is increasingly important, especially in times of the economic and financial crisis. Just in the period when the economy of the country is failure to thrive, it is desirable to support the economic performance by the adequate measures. In addition to the instruments in the form of the built-in stabilizers and the meaningful (discrete) measures there are often used also another forms in order to encourage the economy and to eliminate this negative status. One of them is the provision of investment incentives. Their implementation in the legislation of a country follow its primary aim consisting in a development of a business activity, in a raise of the economic growth as well as in positive increase of the other macroeconomic indicators. The introduction of such a form of a support for business environment requires deeper analysis, since in addition to many positive features that are accompanying aspects of the investment incentives, they may represent in some cases a potential threat for an economic development.


Investment incentives, Provision of the investment incentives, The efficiency of the provision

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