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INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Analysis of the selected operational programme in relation to the legal form of the applicant Abstract
Renata Bednářová
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Budget as a tool management of not-for-profit organization Abstract
Miroslav Hálek
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Business information systems in the management of the companies dealing with viniculture in Slovakia Abstract
Erika Horňáková
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Business processes and indicators monitoring in small and medium-sized enterprises Abstract
Pavel Fára, Drahoš Vaněček
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Case study: total cost of ownership (TCO) model in management of internal logistic processes Abstract
Stanislav Koutný
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Classification of optimal control NGOs Abstract
Milan Konečný
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Communal enterprises in structure of legal entities in the Czech Republic Abstract
Filip Petrách
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Comparison of different approaches to human development potential in two selected companies Abstract
Jindřiška Průšová
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Competition in retailing and hospitality Abstract
Hana Škarvadová
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Consumer satisfaction with present communications on the social networks Abstract
Otakar Ungerman
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Customer relationship management as a key data source for building of strategies and processes of small and middle sized enterprises Abstract
Aleš Kainz
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Eclectic theory of foreign direct investments in the global Economy and its possible extensions Abstract
Pavlína Harušťáková
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Effective delivery of public services by public enterprises Abstract
Hana Kočková
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Effects of changes in the legal parameters for the real economy of the non-profit-organization company view type Abstract
Jana Dvořáková
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Evaluation criteria of quality accounting data based on Saaty´s method and method of pair comparing Abstract
Miroslava Vlčková
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Flow debt of Slovak agricultural companies in the years 2000 – 2010 and common agricultural policy Abstract
Zuzana Gallová
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Innovation – current overview in the Czech Republic Abstract
Jan Žahour
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Intrapreneurship and corporate entrepreneurship as components of strategy for competitiveness Abstract
Monika Barton, Lukáš Procházka
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Managerial-economic evaluation of selected crop production sectors Abstract
Lucia Palkechová, Martina Čuliková
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Methods of detecting the potential product Abstract
Martin Štefko
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Most important process indicators for companies in South Bohemian region Abstract
Martina Pyroutková, Jaroslav Vrchota
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Possibilities of financial management of industrial corporations in South Moravian region Abstract
Sylvie Riederová, Pavlína Pinková, Iva Sáblíková, Aneta Dobiášová
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Process maps in SMEs Abstract
Jana Kubecová
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Process of human resource management in small and medium sized businesses in South Bohemia Abstract
Vlasta Doležalová
INPROFORUM Junior 2012 Quality management systems (ISO 9000 and ISO 14000) and strategic planning Abstract
Adam Pawliczek, Radomír Piszczur
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