INPROFORUM Junior 2012

Business processes and indicators monitoring in small and medium-sized enterprises
Pavel Fára, Drahoš Vaněček

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-06-21


Small and medium sized enterprises are a very important part of the Czech economy and a lot of effort is spent on their support and development. A lot of grants and support programs is being used for development of small and medium sized enterprises. Important role in the development of SME´s represent an effort on quality management and implementation of new methods of management. As an important area of the application is mentioned process management. The aim of this paper was to identify the major business processes, which small and medium enterprises deal with. Further it was identified the frequency of monitoring indicators in two selected processes. The authors based on data from research GAJU 068/2010/S.


Small and medium sized enterprises, number of employees, business processes, indicators

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