INPROFORUM Junior 2012

Possibilities of financial management of industrial corporations in South Moravian region
Sylvie Riederová, Pavlína Pinková, Iva Sáblíková, Aneta Dobiášová

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-06-21


Identification, monitoring and risk control belongs to the essential parts of the financial management. In a countries with small, open and export oriented economy is the foreign exchange risk one of the most important. Possibilities of control and potential minimizing of this risk, based on different hedging strategies is to be a part of the company’s financial strategy.

The aim of this paper is to find out, how this problematic is handled by the CFOs and decision makers in the selected companies from South Moravian region. The data has been collected based on the internet survey.

Surprisingly the presented results are not in line with our expectations and the grade of hedging is much lower as expected. Nevertheless, we believe the situation will change and the financial managers will realize the potential of hedging operations.


financial management, hedging, foreign exchange risks, financial strategy

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