INPROFORUM Junior 2012

Managerial-economic evaluation of selected crop production sectors
Lucia Palkechová, Martina Čuliková

Language: sk
Last modified: 2013-06-21


The main goal of this article is managerial and economic evaluation of the production in the examined agricultural firm. The mentioned agricultural enterprise deals with the business especially in agricultural production including the sales of unprocessed agricultural products for processing and for further sales. It is aimed at the cultivation of cereals for example wheat, barley or gain maize and also other important commodities. In this article attention is given to the characteristic of agricultural enterprise and land resources. That attention was also given to the characteristic of plant production, production values and the development of selected economic indicators. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the management of production in the crop sector on the basis of parameters which were taken from internal company records.


agriculture, management, management of production, sectors of plant production, production indicators

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