INPROFORUM Junior 2012

Business information systems in the management of the companies dealing with viniculture in Slovakia
Erika Horňáková

Language: sk
Last modified: 2013-06-21


Timely decisions of the management based on the relevant information from the external environment, as well as on internal information, are the main prerequisite not only for gaining and maintaining competitiveness of the company, but also expansion into new markets. The information must therefore meet the attributes of accuracy, timeliness, reliability, completeness and the company management should take care to prevent using of distorted information, eliminate duplication of data and to exclude irrelevant information from the decision-making process. The article portrays the business information system as the primary source of internal information which, fulfil their purpose only if they are properly used in the decision-making process.


decision making, information, business information system, subsystems, reports

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