INPROFORUM Junior 2012

What prefer customer at selection of gas supplier
František Janáč

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-06-21


This article deals with preferences of the customer at selection of gas supplier. Economic global movement for several last years had impact on behaviour of many companies and they are changing not only to the market, but to their Customers and others (ie. Shareholders, government etc.). Due to the fact, that hinterland of the Companies are getting similar, it is very important in nowadays to look what other advantages can be reached against competitors? In first part of this article will be make literary summarization focused on purchasing behaviour and customer satisfaction. Following formulation of current stage will be shown an example of set model within multinational company. At the end will be conclusion, where there will be evaluation results of these attitudes and their impact on current situation.


Customer, Customer satisfaction, questionnaire, ERU (Energetic regulatory office)

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