Presentations and proceedings

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Finance, Acounting and Taxation

The methods of creative accounting in the czech accountancy legislation PDF
» Zita Drábková

Global Economic Crisis - Implications for Business Development and Innovations

Human resources management in times of economic crisis PDF
» Vlasta Doležalová
Labour market assertion of the economic universities graduates in crisis PDF
» Radim Dušek
Social responsibility of small and medium sized enterprises influenced by economic crisis PDF
» Pavlína Dalíková

Regional Vision of Economic Prosperity

Statistical analysis of living and social standard of population in the regions of the Czech republic PDF
» Jaroslav Dufek, Bohumil Minařík
Evaluation of present situation in agricultural employment in the Slovak republic PDF
» Patrik Rovný, Dušan Dobák, Roman Récky
Creative industry as a potentional tool to improve the leading economies profitable and non-profitable organisations PDF
» Jana Dvořáková