Evaluation of present situation in agricultural employment in the Slovak republic
Patrik Rovný, Dušan Dobák, Roman Récky

Language: sk
Last modified: 2013-07-30


Agrarian sector in Slovakia was characterized by high social employment. The aim of the paper is to analyze agricultural employment in Slovakia in comparison with chosen World countries. In 2010 by the information of Green Report there was working 56.3 thousand employers in agriculture. Last two years there was observed decreasing of labor force caused by economical crises and economical recession of agricultural production. In age structure of agricultural employers there is obvious that the share of employers in lower age categories rapidly decreasing and also in middle categories and on the other side the share of older age categories is increasing.

It is eligible to set up policies oriented for support of enterprising activities of young farmers in multifunctional agriculture.


employment, agriculture, age structure, young farmers

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