Conception of risk in the international trade
Josef Polák, Michaela Beranová, Jakub Tabas

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-07-30


The article deals with the definition of the content of the commercial risks in international trade. Risk is a category that is integrally connected with every human activity, including business. Within the business activities all the risks are becoming more serious, when business activities beyond national borders. These risks are becoming more intense objectively due to an unknown business environment and different cultures. The work is based on the secondary research outputs of approaches to the definition, respectively classification of risks in international trade, focusing especially on the commercial risk. The authors implementing a synthesis of existing definitions of commercial risks in international trade, compiled on the basis of its own definition, which is an essential starting point in determining the factors affecting the overall size of the commercial risks of business transactions.


commercial risk, international trade, risk, risk classification, risk minimization, risk size

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