Psychological aspects in managerial work
Pavol Oravský

Language: sk
Last modified: 2013-07-30


In my contribution I focus on a manager´s personality as one of the determining preconditions of a company´s success. The object of this analysis were managers from companies, which are considered to be successful within their industry segments. For the purpose of this analysis I used a sample of middle and top managers within each selected company, as success of these companies is not the result of the work of only single group of managers. I based my research on the presumption that managers in the above-mentioned positions within a company hierarchy, and by the means of their activities, have the biggest share on actual company results. My starting point the theoretical basis of a manager´s personality, his structure and dynamic, psychological prerequisites needed for both, work and the manager´s personality. I focused a lot of attention on the relationship between a manager´s personality and his management style. I tis the collection of personality attributes, which is most visible in the manager´s management style in his everyday work.


Manager´s persomality, management style, communication in the working environment, financial management, conflict resolution, motivation, delegation of competences

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