Comparison of the select retail units of the Royal Ahold company on the slovak and dutch markets
Ľudmila Nagyová, Zdenka Kádeková, Lukáš Bartko

Language: sk
Last modified: 2013-07-30


Current period of the crisis is characterized by joining the large or even smaller companies into the various types of partnerships in order to avoid financial and existential problems. Concomitant of these processes is deepening integration of all areas and industries in the world and their interdependence. Globalization as an irreversible phenomenon influencing not only the demographic structure, culture, environment and society as a whole, but the most significantly affects the world economy and trade. Therefore the consumers increasingly face the fact that the same food and goods that can be purchased in the local supermarkets and hypermarkets could be also found in the other countries of the European Union or the world. The impact of globalization is also reflected in the different strategies of Royal Ahold, which operates on the Slovak market as well as on the domestic Dutch market. Analysis of its stores on the both mentioned markets show significant differences as the different perceptions of consumers, which was found by the questionnaire surveys in both countries.


Globalization, Strategies of Royal Ahold, Consumer perception, the Netherlands, Slovakia

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