Regional perception of global challenges in five EU countries: economic crisis, environment and technology
Miloslav Lapka, Jan Vávra

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-07-30


The study focuses on the opinions on economic crisis, environmental issues and technology related to lowering energy demand and greenhouse gases. We conducted a sociological survey with approximately 2500 respondents in five EU countries: the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The differences in perception of the problems and the differences among the individual countries were compared with statistical methods. Environmental pollution is perceived as the most important problem, followed by the economic crisis, concern about terrorism and climate changes. The migration into Europe is perceived as the least important problem. Respondents prefer technological measures as a solution for the most important problems. Despite some broad agreements, the statistically significant differences between the countries exist. For example, the terrorism is much more important in the Czech Republic than in any other state. The local distinctions must be considered during the process of developing economic and political solutions to address these problems.


economic crisis, environment, region, global challenges

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