The process of exercise the chosen indicators in production company
Roman Kubíček, Radka Prokešová

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-07-30


This paper is aimed to analysis of exercise the indicators in production company where are used the data from plant Vishay Electronic ltd. Prachatice. The indicators serve for monitoring and evaluating efficiency of the production processes and they serve for improving the quality of this process. The indicators provide relevant data, which enable to regulate and manage this process for optimization of the process time, cost and efficiency, which serve for satisfaction of the customers need with preservation of the fair profit. In the introduced case of Vishay company ltd. is possible to demonstrate the high rentability of including the production indicators and evaluation into the production. It is clear that the margins for implementation of production indicators are very low in comparison to company profit not only in financial area but also in quality increase area.


indicators, process, efficiency, profit

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