Regional marketing - a tool of regional development
Denisa Jánošová

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-07-29


The contemporary society has a global character and its inseparable part is the flow of information. They define it as an information society whose domain become communication and information Technologies. They dominate in the most areas of the operation of an individual in the contemporary world. A lot of us perceive their impact and its unthinkable presence in the area of politics, managing the organization, economy, education but also free time activities.

Generally, we can say that the regional development is, above all, a set of social and economic processes and relationships going on in the region. These processes and relationships influence all parts of the region, maybe not at the same time, but in the form of a gradual chain reaction. Vice versa, individual parts of the region (as well as their space structure) have an influence on the course of the regional development.


Region, regional development, territory, regional politics, social and economic processes, space structure

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