Level of innovative efficiency of the Slovak republic and SME in SR
Milan Fiľa, Ľubica Rumanovská

Language: en
Last modified: 2013-07-29


Innovations represent motive force for development of actual economy which builds its basis on knowledge and sciental society. European Union in ambition of gaining the level of the most advanced and competitive economy all over the world deals with innovative efficiency of its member states and regions, so as with individual enterprises. Innovative efficiency and potential differs in every European Union region. Slovak republic is situated at the end of innovative efficiency at all the levels – national, regional and enterprise level. The article also analysis the possibilities of innovation project support in agriculture in Slovak republic during the years 2007-2013. The aim was to evaluate the impact of innovation projects supported by Fund EAFRD on the competitiveness of selected agricultural enterprises in region Nitra and Trnava. We can state that agricultural enterprises are having high interest in implementing innovation possibilities, which are co-financed by financial sources from EU. The use of financial support from the EAFRD Fund was during the analyzed period 2007-2009 at 80%. The impact of innovative projects is one of the key factor increasing the competitiveness is in agriculture.


SME, competitiveness, innovations, business, European Union, agricultural subject, EU financial support

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