Creative industry as a potentional tool to improve the leading economies profitable and non-profitable organisations
Jana Dvořáková

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-07-29


This article deals with the application of creative industries in the areas that want to support its economic development. It is a completely new way of economy, which is different from the traditional approach based on standard industry inputs and outputs. At a time when Europe decline in traditional manufacturing sectors, whose effects could devastate whole districts, and regions (e.g. textile industry), automobile and chemical industry devastates the immediate vicinity of cities, it seems the creative industries as a possible solution to this situation. Czech Republic, as an open economy and all regions affected by effects of the global crisis as well as other states and she is looking for opportunities to achieve economic balance and prosperity. Creative Industries require an innovative approach to thinking and creating conditions for their use with positive results in the economy. In this regard, could the Czech Republic, respectively some of its regions change not only the share of GDP, but also its size.


creative industries, cultural clusters, multiplier effects, creative class, creative cities

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