Importance, trend and current status of selected indicators of marketing processes in small and medium companies in the South bohemian region
Monika Březinová, Jiří Sláma

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Last modified: 2013-07-29


Aim of this paper is to select major corporate marketing processes, which are small and medium companies engaged in and specify the most important indicators, which are provided. To fulfil targets was used selected data obtained within the project GAJU 068/2010/S. Post presents detailed results of the marketing process for selected indicators based on the frequency of monitoring companies. Greater than 50% of the audience for indicators of marketing processes was detected only in the following, the competition (which tracks 64% of companies), customers (which track 63% of companies) and customer satisfaction (which tracks 64% of companies). The competition assesses the current state of companies as a good 24%, or an average 24%, trend increasing 29%, and this indicator is for 33% of companies very significant. The processes associated with customer specifications continually monitors 47% of companies in the current state of indicator value of 30% as good, the trend is for 25% of companies growing, and these processes are for 52% of the companies very significant. Satisfaction of customers monitoring companies keep 47%, the current situation as very good for 26% or good for 31% of companies, the trend in customer satisfaction characterized 33% companies as a growth and for 51% companies this indicator is very significant.


Small and middle sized companies, Process management

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