Problems of implementation of LEADER program in MAS Malohont in the programming period 2007 - 2013
Zuzana Bohátová, Monika Bumbalová

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-07-29


Significant regional disparities and overall unfavourable situation in rural areas were the main reasons for more attention devoted to the rural areas and its development. One of the ways how the situation can be improved is trough strengthening of cooperation and partnership using the implementation of LEADER program. This program considerably contributes to promotion of “bottom up” approach; however, its implementation causes numerous difficulties to the regions mainly of financial and institutional nature. The paper focuses on identification of these problems in the environment of the Local Action Group Malohont. Within the paper, the emphasis is put on the characteristic features of the program connected with the support for small and medium enterprises and on description of the problems connected with projects´ approving and financial refunding. Consequently, we listed some possibilities how the situation can be improved in the next programming period 2014 - 2020 either by measures adopted outside of the LAG or by help coming from inside.


LEADER, Local Action Groups, regional development, financial problems

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