Region prosperity - category known or unknow?
Ivana Boháčková, Libuše Svatošová

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-07-29


The paper deals with problems of regional prosperity. To be able to measure the prosperity in reality, it is necessary to delimited clearly a level on which a firm, a region, a state will be monitored and to define its content. Only then it is possible to decide which indicators will define it. The aim of paper is to suggest an aggregated indicator in a general form which would enable to quantify and categorize the region prosperity. Hereat, it is obvious that in case of regions a mathematical approach cannot be preferred; however, it is necessary to take into account also an economic-social dimension of prosperity and a weight of particular indicators in regional development. The methodology suggestion is a first step in monitoring and processing of these problems; subsequent steps will be its verification on practical data.


region, regional development, economic indicators, social indicators, prosperity

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