Key factors of financial performance of agricultural enterprises
Michaela Beranová, Marcela Basovníková

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-07-29


The paper is focused on determination of the Economic Value Added components which influence its value substantially. The work is based on primary research proceeded on statistical sample of hundred agricultural enterprises from the Region of Zlín and South Moravian Region. In this article, relations between values of the EVA indicator and values of initial inputs of the indicator, i.e. net operating profit after taxation, equity, debts bearing interest and weighted average cost of capital. These factors are analysed separately at application of the Pearson correlation coefficient, the test of the statistical significance of coefficient value included, and subsequently at application of the regression analysis while separate regression models have been constructed, and subsequently these factors have been summarized in multiple regression model. In this model, NOPAT, equity, debts bearing interest and WACC are defined as independent variables, and the economic value added plays the role of the dependent variable.


agriculture, correlation analysis, economic value added, financial performance, regression analysis

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