INPROFORUM Junior 2010

Monetary policy and regions
Michal Šulc

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-07-31


In the paper there are shortly characterized two basic approaches to the different regional impacts of the monetary policy assessment. The first one is a structural approach that is based on the assessing of different structural characteristics of regional economies. Key variables of the second approach based on the supply side of credit market are the structure of regional financial markets and the selected characteristics together with the behaviour of banks in the regions, especially their size and health. Using the structural approach in principle, the aggregate composite index is created to show the sensitivity of the Czech regions to the monetary policy changes. The results show the possible differences in the intensity of impacts of monetary policy in the Czech regions. It is highly probable, that the monetary tightening will deepen regional disparities in the Czech Republic.


monetary policy, monetary transmission, money, regions

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