INPROFORUM Junior 2010

Effect of adaptation of workers to company performance
Václav Kupec, Otto Hain

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-10-15


Paper theoretically analyses and practically verifies the effect of the adaptation process on business performance. That is precisely measured in the training of mentors and mentoring people, who in the summary formulation in fact influence the final amount of productivity of the company or institution. Using interviewing techniques, and graphical modelling was constructed a result that confirms the connection between trainers and trained, respectively, points to the initial drop in performance of the personnel who are responsible for the adaptation process of novices, whose subsequent work efficiency can adequately cover the loss of the aforementioned initial allocation managers. Moreover, the theme seems to be very timely, given the current economic changes, which place high demands on the individual items cost of businesses and on reducing overall inefficient cost.


adaptation, company, employee, management, performance

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