INPROFORUM Junior 2010

The impact of economic and political development on the media in Slovakia during years 2002 – 2010
Božena Baluchová

Language: sk
Last modified: 2013-07-31


The composition of Parliament and the nature of government have always direct and indirect influence on the development of the Slovak Republic. After parliamentary election in 2010 right-wing four-coalition with its leader Iveta Radicova formed the government. Last eight years the development of Slovak politics and economics (economic reforms, entering of Slovak republic into EU, beginning of economic crisis etc.) was turbulent, the fact being reflected in the development and behaviour of the media. There are notable influences on freedom of the press in Slovakia caused by entry of investment groups into media market, changes in the television broadcasts initiated by financial “sharks“.


government, parliamentary election, economic reforms, freedom of the press, influences on media, Grafobal, J&T, Penta, Slovakia, Fico, Dzurinda, Radičová

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