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INPROFORUM 2009 Agricultural activities diversification and management social-economic sustainability Abstract
Petra Pártlová, Jan Váchal, Jarmila Straková, Jana Moravcová, Monika Koupilová
INPROFORUM 2009 Analysis of regional and sectoral disparity of wages Abstract
Libuše Svatošová, Ivana Boháčková
INPROFORUM 2009 Analysis of the regional unemployment structure Abstract
Bohumil Kába
INPROFORUM 2009 Biological and plant problems of biogas production Abstract
Jan Leština
INPROFORUM 2009 Branches structure dissimilarity of Czech Republic regions (NUTS3) Abstract
Václav Krutina, Ivana Faltová Leitmanová
INPROFORUM 2009 Cash flow analysis with respect to agricalture environment dynamics Abstract
Zdeněk Kučera
INPROFORUM 2009 Comparing of small and medium business in district of Písek and Český Krumlov Abstract
Dagmar Bednářová, Zdena Rosická
INPROFORUM 2009 Comparison of financial leasing according to the czech accounting legislation and IAS/IFRS Abstract
Jana Gláserová
INPROFORUM 2009 Competitive position of communes based on participation of budget incomes in the tax proceeds Abstract
Andrzej Sobczyk
INPROFORUM 2009 Creative destruction innovation koncept in competitive enviroment Abstract
Pavel Skopal, Jitka Srpová
INPROFORUM 2009 Crisis, social insurance and effect to state budget Abstract
Jan Bednář
INPROFORUM 2009 CSR - Challenge for the Firms in the Czech Republic even in Crisis Abstract
Lenka Sedláčková, Vilém Kunz
INPROFORUM 2009 CSR Applied in Theory and Practice at Public Administration Management Process Abstract
Šárka Bendová
INPROFORUM 2009 Development and potentialities of fleet managements it systems Abstract
Vít Mejda
INPROFORUM 2009 Development of Rural Areas and Local Economies in Brandenburg Abstract
Karel Tomšík
INPROFORUM 2009 Development of the most important types of agrarian sector subsidies related to the NUTS 1 level - the Czech Republic Abstract
Jaroslav Svoboda
INPROFORUM 2009 Economic prosperity rating Abstract
Marie Vejsadová Dryjová
INPROFORUM 2009 Economical crises impact on short-term liquidity management Abstract
Sylvie Riederová
INPROFORUM 2009 Effective leading of meeting Abstract
Petr Řehoř
INPROFORUM 2009 Efficiency of European Social Fund in unemployment reduction Abstract
Ivana Boháčková, Libuše Svatošová
INPROFORUM 2009 Employee benefits in the time of crisis Abstract
Jiří Duda, Radka Šperková
INPROFORUM 2009 Evaluation of effects of agricultural subsidy on public wealth Abstract
Zdeňka Kroupová, Gabriela Červená, Michaela Antoušková
INPROFORUM 2009 Executing of a built structure in the time of the economic crisis Abstract
Jiří Písečka
INPROFORUM 2009 Financial crisis and its influence on the tourism companies in Vysočina Region Abstract
Alice Neckářová
INPROFORUM 2009 Growth & educational structure of labor force: panel data set for selected EU countries Abstract
Rudolf Kubík
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